The Home page of Ron and Arja Attwood, neé Nylenius

This is Arja, the 'finn' part


and this is Ron the 'glish' part

It's hard to say which part of the Finnglish partnership has the most influence, it does seem odd though that this page has a distinctly blue and white feel to it. Or is it just my imagination? I suppose after 25 years something would have rubbed off. In fact we hadn't known each other for very long when I built my first sauna. I think it was to impress her but I quickly came to love it!

Over the years I've come to like silli and piimä and viili and wood and Sibelius and Nokia and Mika Häkkinen and Kimi Räikönen Tommi Mäkinen and makkara and....... a whole bunch of other great Finnish stuff. There is one notable exception however, and I cannot explain why...... Cross country skiing, what is that all about? I can understand using it as a mode of transport in the days before roads but hey, cars etc. do a much better job. It can't be fun, it's too much like bloody hard work!


You may correctly assume that this site is being put together by Ron and subsequently it is hard not to write in the first person. However, you may also assume that Arja is editor-in-chief, therefore the content is thoroughly vetted before being posted. My command of the ä's and ö's is not that good so I have to have an eye kept on me.

What has Arja gained from this entente cordiale? Not very much, some would say. However, her English has improved beyond all recognition. When we first met it was based on the 'city gent' model. Well, I've managed to knock the edges off of that and now it's much more colloquial!

Between us we hope we can provide a grin or two. Make yourself at home and take a look around.