Bulletin FIN/G-BR//14/11/2003 - 17/11/2003 TA/MA/TA

The Stasi has a problem

We in the Stasi have a problem. We have had a good team in England.

Its area of operation has been the City of London and the county of Essex.

We have used a cover story of two persons. They have appeared as Frenchmen. You can see two pictures of the team in this text. But an accident has happened to the team and the agents have been died or disappeared. But we have assigned two new persons. There is a picture of them, too.

They are really the Stasi- men. They are brothers too, like Dupont and Dupond.

- - o - -

The whole story could be like this. In Danberry the agents had to follow that man in red. We don't know if the red coated man, who is looking in the car is the mystical man. Or is the man in the car the unknown man?

However, the team will follow that red man.


Anyway it looks as if there lies a dog buried or at least a horse or two. But where? The Ferrari-man in the foreground looks worried. The circumstances to start the hunt are excellent. It is a typical English autumn day - warm and sunny. The Ferrari used in the pursuit can be seen behind the man. In any case extra help is needed. The team was helped by a local lady who knows horses thoroughly. She is also a specialist on rollerblading. She skates daily in London.



At first it is, however best to start with the hounds. 27 trained hounds can't be wrong. Following them will help the team to solve the secret. Where is the wanted man?
Like in all good English detective films the Stasi-men have to go to a pub and have a couple of beers and try to find some pieces of information from the locals. Some of them have to have a sinister past. Is he a landlord or vicar - or the ever suspicious butler?

The hounds have not got any idea. They run like lunatics along the fields. There is no use following these traces. It seems as if the wanted man (or woman) has fled the country. Perhaps he has used a boat? The Stasi-men have a quick meeting and decide to leave for the seaside.
Further investigation in Maldon proves that escape during the low tide was impossible. The team is satisfied. At least one route has been ruled out.
Exceptionally there is no beer in this place.

The search is continued in London. Before that they have to take a course in fast driving. It is compulsory when driving in a big city. The Stasi-team learns quickly with the help of an instructor. Everything is ready - let's start. The trip takes only an hour.




The red Ferrari is parked in the vicinity of London Eye on the bank of the Thames. Big Ben has just struck twelve. Will the case be solved here? The Stasi-men run into difficulties at once. What is true and what is false? Which is real the white one or the red one? Neither of them moves. They must keep an eye on both. The Stasi-men are confused.



With the hint from the lady the Stasi-men find out that they had followed wrong tracks. Now the agents know what to do. The real scene is somewhere else.



There will soon be some action in front of the Parliament House. An important foreign visitor will soon arrive. Will he be in danger? Demonstrators are already present. Is there something hidden behind the banners?

Oriental music, men in trance. Demonstrators are drumming their chests, women are singing.
The men follow new clues. Somebody has covered them with leaves. But a Stasi-man knows the right direction. But still - it's the mission is impossible. The traces are covered for ever. The secret will never be solved.
The Stasi-men decide to return home

What if there was no crime? What if everything was due to beer and brass music?


- - o - -