Ah Sevilla! Of all the places we visited this had to be the best! After quite a lot of thought we both decided that Seville was the most impressive city either of us had seen. Not that we are that widely travelled or have seen all the world's beautiful cities, but of those we have seen.....

We made the trip on the day before we were due to return home and then only because we said 'what shall we do today' and we replied 'I know, let's go to Seville'. 'Why not' we said. The journey only took an hour and a half even though we choose to go on the N4 which is the old main road. This I expected to be quiet and picturesque. Well it was not quiet because every heavy lorry and every Tom, Dick and Harry was on it! Picturesque? Mmm, the terrain around this part of the country feels vast compared to England but it's very - brown.

Anyway, on with the tour. As you enter Seville proper, you drive down a magnificent six lane avenue. Unfortunately the shot I took from the top of a tour bus - yes we took another one - does not do it justice but I'm putting it in anyway.

You really had to be there!

El Cid

Come away from that bloody horse!

The trouble with a place like this is, where do you point your camera? I took loads of pictures which at the end of the day was merely a collection of impressive buildings which I wont make you suffer.After having done what is now the obligatory bus tour We wandered around on foot. We took in the main park [pics below] who's name I can't recall, the cathedral which is apparently the largest in the world and then had the best lunch of our whole stay!


Loads of paloma blancas

Give us a go of your horse mister.

Don't come any nearer, you paloma blancas, you.