Jerez de la Frontera 2

Back to Jerez. Once we started to find our way around we found some nice little bars and restraunts, in particular a place in the Gitano quarter on the Plaza de la Mercado that puts on a tremendous flamenco show. It seems to me they start off with a 'show' which gradually becomes real flamenco

These girls were great!

We went again on the day before coming home more or less expecting the same show but were treated to another great and different experience.Incidentally, the food in the restraunt was rubbish!

Jerez has a lot to offer the tourist, such as the Alcazar which has a camera obscura. If you've not seen one don't ask questions, just go! The single most important thing in Jerez is the Spanish riding school. If you're into horses you already know about it, if you'd like to see some horsey pictures click on the 'Spanish riding school' ( where else?)

Of course the other big thing in Jerez is...Sherry. Personally I can live without it but it seems to be a serious item for a lot of people. So a trip around a bodega was a must. We choose Gonzalez Byass for no other reason than it was the closest, oh, and they reputedly had a sherry drinking mouse! We tagged on to a tour of the factory, for that is what it is, and was treated to an interesting but undisguised PR job. when we came to the mouse part the group were a little impatient for him to make an appearance and moved on. I, clever clogs, hung back and got a shot of him, albeit mistimed in my haste.

Enough of Jerez, onward and upward, time grows short and I can detect boredom already