Jerez de la Frontera

We had in our sweaty paws a map of Jerez we had downloaded from the web and set off with great confidence. This was soon to be shattered as we found out the map was woefully inadequate.Jerez is a maze of streets and alleys and a horrendous one-way system. Two hours of screaming at each other later we finished a journey that should only taken 15 minutes! We arrived at our hotel which was tucked away in the street you see below. On the map it looked like a freeway!

The Hotel Serit is.... clean.We booked in with no hassle and found our room which was.... clean.However it didn't take too long to realize that it's three star rating was achieved by the skin of their teeth! The place echoed with the sound of high heels on tiles, laughing, chatting and lets not forget the coughing.Breakfast was an experience never to be forgotten so we'll try to forget it.The lesson to be learnt is, if you want five star accomodation, pay five star prices or don't complain. We choose the latter. Anyway we threw open the curtains expecting to see a view of Jerez de la frontera only to be greeted by..... see picture right. Now don't get us wrong, we're fairly easy to please, it's just that your expectations sometimes get the better of you and a period of re-evaluation is required.This we did.

The street where we lived

Having unpacked, we set off to explore. During various internet searches we discovered a site that recommended a particular bar, 'Bar Juanito' which we found without too much trouble. Unfortunately it was closed when we went by but never mind, more of that later.


Looks nice out today Dear

It is our conclusion that the 'Costas' have pandered to the tourist in such a way as to make you believe that the whole of Spain is geared the same way. Not so.One thing we had a problem with was - when are shops and bars open and when are they not? - Example, we had a hard time deciding what time to go to dinner. Sometimes we were too early and sometimes too late.I read somewhere that the Spanish don't go out until 10pm so we tried that tack.Wrong! It was 3 days before we ate!