There follows a hopefully brief account of Arja and Ron's trip to south west Spain. Whoopee! I hear you cry. Can't wait.
This trip was the result of one of those 'where shall we go - what shall we do' type conversations which was fuelled by the fact that Arja was the recipient of a freebee ticket to whereever buzz™ flew. She got this because she had to suffer a six hour delay when she went to Helsinki in the summer.
At this point a tiny plug for buzz™They fly from Stansted which is only 20 minutes up the road from us and we've got to the point where if we can't fly from Stansted we wont fly at all.




Inside a buzz™....... and outside a buzz™

As far as arranging the whole trip was concerned, everything was sorted out via the Internet. Now that may not seem a big deal to most of you but to us it was a marvel of modern technology. Flight, hotel, insurance and car hire all done online!

The flight out was uneventful and arrival at Jerez was on time. Now comes the first hiccup. The car was booked without Arja's knowledge and she expected to have to get a taxi. We were supposed to be greeted by a person holding up a board with 'Mr.Attwood' on it, which would have been cool. But no. Panic! Cool now evaporating fast as I went from car hire girl to car hire girl, 'are you looking for me?' No señor. Eventually we found her. I had already spoken to her three times! Car collected, [upgraded from Corsa to a Focus- same money] off we went to Jerez.