Costa de la Luz

This is a coastline that is ignored by the tourist trade, well the British tourists anyway and from what we saw a jolly good job to! The three towns we visited were Chiclana, Conil de la Frontera and Barbate. All were unspoilt by virtue of the distinct lack of highrise hotels and all the tacky paraphenalia that goes with them.Oooh! Get you , you snooty bugger. So be it, that's the way we like it and the Spanish like it like that to.

At Chiclana we actually went into the water at a beach that was big, clean and practically empty. here are one or two, or three or four, images which may give you the flavour of this relaxing area of Spain.

Just think, Nelson copped it off this coast. Battle of Trafalgar-remember.

Arja galloped a horse along here during a previous holiday

The approach to Barbate.


There's very little left to suffer now, keep going if you can. The last part of our tour round incorporated what is known as the 'Pueblo blancas' tour. It consists of three or four villages/small towns. Namely Medina Sidonia, Arcos, Vejer, where we've already been and somewhere else.Hey! I can't remember every damned thing.


Sorry if this site has been a bit graphics heavy but that's your lot except for a page with one or two observations.



The prom at Barbate

Ten seconds later Arja got soaked.