First let me say 'muchas gracias España y Andalucia' for having us. It was most enjoyable, so much so that we are investigating the possiblities of living there at some time in the future. Nervertheless, here are a few observations.
  • Watch out for the road edges in the countryside. There are no kerbs and the edges of the road are deep gullies. 110% concentration needed, by me anyway, I of course have difficulty walking and chewing gum at the same time!
  • Learn Spanish. We Brits really are the worst for speaking other languages.Now I expect I'll be inundated with angry e-mails from people who are fluent in 27 tongues!
  • The beer! Now the quality is second to none and I really mean that. But what is it with the measures? I did not go into any bar where a 'cervaza grande' was the same size as in the previous bar! In fact we couldn't order two beers and get them come up with the same measure. I wouldn't mind, but they always put the biggest one down in front of Arja! Well, I mean. The rest of the EU seem to have regulations concerning litres 'n' stuff. Am I going on about this? O.K.
  • Breakfast. Now we understand continental breakfasts.
  • Croissants and coffee in France
  • Sausage and beer in Germany
  • Pasta and wine in Italy etc. etc. but what is it with the Spanish and CAKE? Every morning we came down to coffee, toast (2 slices), diddy plastic pots of jam and---CAKE, see right. We were greeted by these things every morning and they stuck to the roof of your mouth. We had had enough of this so one morning we went to have a McDonalds. Yeah well. When we found one, we looked on the menu board outside and couldn't see 'Big breakfast' in any language. We went in only to be told they didn't open until 12o/c. What?! But this is bloody McDonalds for christ's sake! Hey ho.
  • One last thing. The hotel cleaning staff were generally pretty good, but they fouled up one morning. I opened the bathroom door and look what they had left over from the previous night! I had to clear it up myself! Well that's all for this adventure. Stay tuned for more exciting tales of derring-do!



The End.