La Thuile. Italy

January 2004

After discussing the subject of whether we could still ski after all these years, we decided, rather hastily, that we could. So we booked a week in La Thuile, Italy. We wrestled with the pronounciation for ages and it wasn't until we got there that we discovered it was 'La Tooeel' So there you are!

Apart from a delay while we waited two hours at Turin airport for a later flight, the journey was relatively uneventful. Arja, a "dyed in the wool" pessimist, put the kybosh on things by saying she had a good feeling about this holiday! Mmmm.

This holiday was more about the people we met than the amount of skiing we did. We met Bob and Derek on the coach from the airport and clicked immediately.I don't know what it is but we seem to attract Scots!

Skiers will know whiteouts. It looks smooth and inviting but you can't see the lumps and bumps! Your perception of speed is messed up, you feel as though you're going far faster than you are and consequently try to slow down. Most disconserting. It is for me anyway, loads of people didn't seem to be affected by it. Good luck to them I say.

View of La Thuile from the cablecarI know it doesn't look much here but thepicture on the left is in the middle of Black 5. Much worse was to come! We made it thanks to our intrepid guides and mentors.







The other two, Andy and John, we met in the hotel. It's thanks to this quartet that our holiday turned out to be a success

It's thanks to this lot we went out in conditions we otherwise wouldn't have bothered with and actually did a couple of black runs we CERTAINLY wouldn't have contemplated! Thanks guys.

There's nothing more to say except we will be going skiing again and we won't leave it so long next time.






In the meantime, some more pictures.