Himos, Finland April 2004

Really MUST get her some new goggles! She borrowed those from Jean Claude Killy and never gave them back.

Taking a well earned break after an exhausting record breaking run..................What?

Please don't be concerned, I know what I'm doing!

It's a tough life, but someone's got to do it

It has to be said that Himos doesn't offer a great range of skiing. In fact it's simply three very large hills in a row. However, there appears to be snow in abunance, no queueing for lifts, well maintained pistes and loads of easy, free parking.

On the downside(excuse the pun), the liftpass is expensive. Runs tend to be a bit 'straight up and down' though they have tried to make the best of what they have. I would sum it up by saying that if you live in Finland it's a good place to go for a weekend and keep your ski legs up to scratch.

P.S. We did actually ski more here in 2 days, than we did in a week in Italy!

There were a few clouds but they soon dispersed after a half hour or so.