To me Finland is something of a Gemini.Oh really? I hear you cry. Why? Because, on my admitedly too few visits, it was like being in two different countries depending on whether you went in the summer - kesä or winter - talvi. Both are beautiful and both have excellent beers available! I'm amazed that with all the designer type beers that are popular today, Finland hasn't caught on and started exporting to the U.K.

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Summer in Finland is all about being outdoors. It seems to me that most Finns love to go off in their caravans, boats or to the forest by a lake where they eat grilled makkara and have wonderful cottages away from it all.

For the visitor however, there is one drawback.Hyttynen! Otherwise known as 'perkele, hyttenen!' In english, mosquitos or ' bloody mosquitos!' Still, a small price to pay for being in a very beautiful country.

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Busy little page eh?

British winters as we know are miserable, damp, gloomy affairs. On occasions we get a fall of snow that brings the country to a grinding halt.

Not so when the southernmost part of Finland is further north than John O' Groats! Finnish winters are proper winters none of your namby-pamby minus 1º's and 2º's we're talking minus 25º! Very bracing. I have only done one talvi and I must say that picturesqueness(?) aside, it's not something I could live with for too long. I don't know though, maybe with some practice.


It looks as though I WILL be having to live with it!