She's still got what it takes to pulled a handsome Italian!


It's a helluva job finding somewhere to park!



Me a tourist? What gives you that idea?

It was embarrassing to have the man keep the poor people from harassing us while we ate.


Somebody tell her it's stopped raining

St. Marks Square Venice



The Rialto Bridge

Oh the romance of fighting your way through the heaving throng in order to take another picture of a canal!

Verona street scene



There are three people in this marriage.

Now where have I heard that before?

Is there no getting rid of this bloke?



The Saga group

Left to right: Margaret (Lovely lady, tended to wander off) Colin (Musical guru. An absolute gentleman of the old school) Tony (Eh Ron, you just LOVE Paladio! Saga rep. Did a fine job) Ron (group smartarse) Arja (Everybody say "Aaah") Liz (I'm in the BBC choir doncha' know) and Tim.