Valencia piccies. (be odd if it wasn't I guess)

This is a view from our hotel. We can pick 'em eh?

Parking is at a premium and you get to be pretty good at getting in tight spaces. I only hope he's as good at getting out!


This is the Art & Science building. "Cuidad de las Artes y las ciencias". That's what I said wasn't it? A bit like Spain in general, still under construction!

Well it was a bit nippy that day. Whaddya mean 'the picture's phoney'?


I got the distinct impression that this spoonbill had seen man up close before.Tame or what?

Unfortunately, this doesn't do justice to the aquarium. I managed to get this one before I was 'hola-ed' and told not to take pictures inside. Harumph! Great place though, There is also a Dolphinarium where they put on marvelous shows.

Good day.


We went for a paddle like a couple of old codgers. Pity I didn't have a handkerchief to knot and put on my head! Miles of beautifully clean beaches.

Posing on bridge somewhere. Sorry, can't remember where. Nice place though


We did do a bit of a tour of the local countryside but if you've seen one Spanish village, you've seen them all

OK, ordeal over. You can go back to your lives.