Kevät Kuvia.




I found this hard to believe. Arja and Mia are standing on about a half a metre of snow! You'd expect to have to wade through it, but it's frozen.Whatever next?













This is Kullervonpolku in Kerava where Arja bought a flat


All right, so the self timer went off before I could get into position.



This is the flat that Arja bought. Third balcony up

Arja and her long time friend, Seija

Seija's house in Hyvinkää. Don't be fooled by the size, it's like a T.A.R.D.I.S (Bigger on the inside than on the outside. Dr. Who fans know what I mean)

Group picture.

Smile please. That means you in the yellow top as well!

Tapani enjoys his dinner!

Arja is not so sure. We think the soup didn't agree with her

I had to use Photoshop to put a little weight on me as I was beginning to look a bit scrawny.

Is it time to eat?