12th April 2003

A day that is tattooed on my heart and on my forearm for God help me should I ever forget it! That is the day that Arja consented to be my wife. We were married at the Ringwood registrars office in the New Forest and stayed at the String of Horses hotel in Sway. The weather was predicted to be typically English with rain and wind, but as usual the weather forecasters got it wrong. Sun, sun and more sun. It could not have been better.

Mia and Tapani flew in from Finland to ensure that it was a fair fight and our very good friends Jim and Charlotte Baynam were in attendance as judges.


Our rooms were basic and functional, i.e. huuuuge bed and a jacuzzi! We availed ourselves of the facilities as soon as possible. (We made a cup of tea, you 'orrible lot!)

The fateful morning arrives and we get ourselves scrubbed and polished. If I say so myself we shined up rather nicely.

10:30 arrives so off we go to keep our appointment with the Ringwood registrar. We arrived at 11 am, some 15 minutes early, and went through the final checks of the paperwork before the ceremony. We had talked long about how simple everything was going to be but at the last minute, at the registrars suggestion, we included the giving and receiving of the ring. That was to prove to be a rather emotional experience as you shall see.



We assembled outside the office for a couple of pictures and then we marched in. Up to this point I (Ron) am feeling very relaxed and confident. I had memorised the words and didn't think I'd have any trouble getting them out. Arja, I'm sure, felt the same.

The ceremony started without a hitch and I repeated the words 'I call upon these people here present, to witness that I'.....etc. etc. What I hadn't counted on was when I gave Arja the ring.






There is another picture of me in full 'blub' mode but it will cost money to see that one.

Just one more photo opportunity and the job was done!

And of course the SIGNING.

It's at this point I realise the game's up!



But it's worth it!




There! We did it, man and wife.

Everybody say "Aaah".

A fireman at the fire station next door, washing his car.

Wont be a minute love.....Excuse me mate, where's the nearest pub? We need a drink!

A change into elastic waisted trousers for extra comfort and then dinner. Yummy!


I'm sorry if this page took a long while to load, at least it wasn't as long as I had to wait for Arja to make up her mind to marry me!