A little bit of Ireland



There's no two ways about it, photographs don't do justice to the scenery. On our travels round Mayo, Connemara, Galway and Sligo we came upon, nay, were surrounded by, beautiful tranquill countryside. It's little wonder that the English wanted it, nor that the Irish wanted it back! One thing everyone seems to say is, "Oh, you should see it when the weather is nice". Let me tell you, it doesn't matter a fig about the weather.


Arja on the look out for another bargain. The location was fine but it needed a bit of work.



Not bad, but smaller than "Doorman Towers" so we gave it a miss

Suffice to say, this picture is now on my desktop. Sorry Finland!


Don't say I never take you anywhere nice.

Arja's hanging on for dear life, Declan hasn't seen a camera before and Ann and Ron are the only ones having fun. In fact it was a super evening and we didn't leave the pub till gone 2am. Amazingly, people were coming IN as we left! Marvelous country. Got the balance about right I'd say.

We've had many a hard battle over the internet, but we made it up on Saturday night. *hic*

Thanks for the hospitality mate. We'd love to reciprocate



Last but not least, the Hotel "Ocean View". You can actually see the ocean from the hotel but you have to go onto the roof and stand on tip-toes!

Lovely hotel, nice people. Thoroughly recommended. In fact, here's a link

Ocean View