More pictures from the Emerald Isle

This is real photography and is not to be confused with 'holiday snaps'



Marinas always make nice pictures don't ya think?

Er...a bridge

These three are of Kinsale and that's about it. That may sound disparaging but when you've seen one marina, you've seen them all.

Ooh look! Another harbour picture

I said they make nice piccies didn't I?

Arja does a nice line in 'leaning on bridges' That's one in every city we've visited so far.

Next some views of Cork city and surounding parts.


Bridge over a river with a church in the background.(In case you hadn't figured that one out)


This is a view from the port that the Irish left from to go to America. that's the last of them leaving now.



This is a statue commemorating the first people to be processed on the new immigration centre on Ellis Island. There you are, a little bit of culture for you :-)


Arja tried to get me to take a closer picture than this but I thought this was close enough to the edge!

I have no recollection of where this is. Near Cork though.

The drive up to the house. Impressed me!

Now that's what I call a bed! Apparently Queen Victoria gave birth to six of her children in that bed. Well I believe it!

The view from our room. As views from bedrooms go, not too bad.


Waterford Crystal Factory

Man making a cut crystal bowl. Actually a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.

F1 Drivers trophy. One of the many very impressive trophies made by Waterford Crystal

That's it folks, nothing more to see here. Move along now. Aint ya go no 'omes to go to?