-=[dMw]=-Albert is married!

-=[dMw]=- members Squ0nk and Doorman along with their wives, witnessed the wedding of Albert, aka Greig, to the lovely Sarah on Saturday the 1st November 2003. The ceremony took place at The Court House in Manchester and we must say what an impressive venue it was. I was going to make all sorts of smart remarks but I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

A tense time waiting for the bride.

A little too much information I think!

Aah! There she is with proud Dad

You've signed for her mate, now she's all yours.


The deed has been done!

And so, outside for the piccies

Handsome couple nes pas?


They're in that lot somewhere. The scene outside the Court house after the ceremony.

This guy earned his porridge by entertaining us for AGES!

In part 3 we eat.

It is to someone's credit that the organisation was impeccable, at least from where I was watching! It must have been like the proverbial swan. Serene on the surface and paddling like mad underneath. After a small interlude when we were plied with Champagne, we sat down to an excellent meal, complete with loads of wine and Scotch

In the foreground is Mrs Doorman and Mr & Mrs Squ0nk. I never did find out what Squ0nkie had down there that was so interesting.

This, for some strange reason,is known as 'Cutting the cake'

There followed speches from Dad, best man and of course our lad himself. Many of us in dMw have been on the recieving end of an Albert speech so I'll say no more other than he hasn't inproved with practice!

The finale

After dinner we retired to the bar and continued er....well, drinking! We met some very nice people, in particular Alan and Moira Brown. (Thought I'd give 'em a mench). Much activity was taking place behind closed doos while they prepared the hall for dancing. Now follows pictures of people dancing.

The first dance

One of the last dances! Mr & Mrs Squ0nk giving it some!

The End.

Or should that be The Beginning?

The whole day was a huge success. Everyone was happy, no fights broke out and apart from having to suffer the surliness of Mancunian taxi drivers a thoroughly good time was had by all. Our thanks go to Greig and Sarah's parents whose wallets must be substantially thinner than they were on Friday!