Finnglish Diary



It does not seem a year...

First off, my apologies for not keeping this blog up to date. Arja has nagged me mercilessly, but my excuse is that I got a new programme for website making and I couldn't get it to do what I wanted. Do you believe that? Good, let's move on.

The truth is we haven't done very much this year apart from one very important exception. I'll come to that a little later.

Arja's problems continued unabated and there didn't seem to be any progress despite hospital appointments by the cartload! Eventually we decided to go see a private doctor that had been recommended to us. When we first saw him we were filled with hope because this guy seemed to really understand what Arja was going through. We came away from his office full of hope and a bunch of new exercises! Unfortunately it was the same old, same old. In fact, one of the exercises made her worse! It looks as if she'll/we'll have to accept that her problem won't go away and learn to adapt and get on with life. OK, enough of that maudlin stuff.


Visit to Finland

During this trip we stayed at Mika's town house as he was otherwise engaged. Found a very handy bar at the end of the street where we spent rather more time than we should. Met some nice people and had a laugh.

The people arrived later on. :-/

Oh yes, for the second time in Finland I got away with a parking ticket. Right outside the flat the parking is...precarious. Our luck held for quite a long time then, bang! I phoned up the 'You're nicked' office and gave them the 'We are poor ignorant tourists in your beautiful country, what do I have to do?' routine and was duly let off. My luck won't hold forever though. Must be more careful in future.



My visit to McLaren's

The only other thing of any note was my visit to the McLaren F1 factory in Woking.

This was organised by my ol' mate Jim Baynham whose friend/relative, not sure which, works at McLarens. We weren't allowed to take photos so you have to believe me when I say that the place is FUTURISTIC! Not only that, but incredibly clean as well. I reckon I would rather have an appendectomy on the floor of the Mercedes assembly line than in an NHS hospital!



Christmas came and went with our customary Scrooge like attitudes as did the New year.

Sadly, that's about all for this year. Hopefully next year will see some improvement in Arja's well being and there may well be exciting news regarding travel/relocation. You never can tell. Watch this space!